HELPing frustrated Mid-career FILMMAKERS
overcome the barriers to entering the film industry 

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You'll learn advanced business strategies, from a fire hardened professional with 15 years of major studio experience.


You'll learn how to pre-build your audience before investing in costly production. Having your own audience assures views.


I'll give you word-for-word techniques that get you through the door of hard to reach distributors and studios executives.


You'll learn advanced pitch techniques, learn how to overcome distributor's objections and the psychology behind why they buy.

Lisa Ebersole, Series Creator

Since working with Alex, I get a lot more calls from the industry. The upside is that I’ve made $20.000 in the two months since I finished the program .

Allison Powell, Director

Do it! If you are on the fence, hop to the other side. Alex will help you see the pathways to making film a CAREER and not just an expensive hobby.

Charlotte Atkinson, Producer

If you're stuck and not feeling like you’re making  progress, working with Alex is the fastest route to success. All I had to do was have a one hour session with him and I had a concrete plan.

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