Why Book A Free Strategy Session?

does this sound like you?
  • You self-finance a project you know is great and launch to little or no audience

  • You’ve done the festival circuit only to find out you just got paid in compliments and there were no buyers there to speak of anyway

  • You tried using social networks to promote your series/film to little or no effect

  • You're a freelancer working simply to pay the bills

  • You're selling your time for money instead of your ideas

  • You're spending so much time on gig-work you don’t have time for your own projects and there’s no end in site

  • You have this awesome project you know has legs but no buyers network to send it to

what you get by booking
  • How to sell your content without an agent

  • How to finally have financial control and predictability in what is now an erratic and chaotic filmmaking career

  • How to build a Studio buyers network and attract sponsorship deals

  • The same system I used to sell $12M worth of web series content in 4 years

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