What I Offer

Strategy Calls

On this FREE 45 minute call

we will get to understand your career trajectory, your main barriers

to growth and we'll create

a plan of action together.


If you have been struggling to get your filmmaking career off the ground and consistently sell your projects , I can help.


For the last 15 years I have been selling my own projects and production services and have built up a wealth of experience. 


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Pitch Beast

Welcome to PITCH BEAST: the ultimate pitch tool for professional filmmakers and creators.


Buyer's look for a VERY specific set of information. You'll learn the same system I use that has won me over $13M worth of web series business in just over four years.


Bonus: If you sign up now, I'll give you the actual email script I use to get in the room with distributors. You'll know exactly which psychological triggers to pull to get a response.


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Three Hour Launch

3 Hour Launch is a 1:1 deep-dive into your current project.


Over our three hours together, we’ll build a customized step-by-step marketing plan for your current film or web series so that you’re assured the views and attention that make all that hard work worth the effort.


We’ll review your film/pilot or script, hop on a 1:1 video call where we’ll walk you through our proprietary process that drives audience and industry attention.



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$650  $497