How I Sold My Web Series To Microsoft

In this video, I discuss the step-by-step process I used to sell my web series to Microsoft. While it sometimes may seem like it, making your project isn’t the hardest part of being a filmmaker, it actually getting it sold to a distributor that is the bane of most filmmaker’s careers.

Utilizing a simple visual tool, I show the actual sales path I took that allowed me to acquire a $250,000 budget for an eight-episode series that went on to get millions of Views on the Microsoft Network.

I discuss:

  • How I used a $200, one-day conference pass to get a seat at the

  • buying table

  • How I turned this one project turned into 2 revenue streams

  • How I sold it without the use of an agent

  • How the project’s digital success got me kicked up to a major TV

  • network

  • How I capitalized on the success of this single project to get a

  • ton more work

  • How I maximized other people’s credibility to get the sale

While from the outside mastering film distribution and web series sales can seem daunting task, selling your series to a major distributor doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration. The strategies in this video are things you can start today. It’s not magic, it doesn’t require any special tools.

In addition, most filmmaker’s think that you need an agent or you have to be wildly connected in Hollywood to get your projects sold. We’ve never lived in a time when content was so valuable. The star system that exists in traditional media isn’t the same mechanism used in the digital space.

In the end, buyers HAVE to fill their content pipeline, so a well-packaged product with a strong idea stands a much better chance of getting sold. No longer do you need to be the next Martin Scorsese of the digital world. Believe it or not, buyers want to like your project. Watch this video and see the direct path I used and still use to sell my web series’.

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