Does any of this sound like you?

The myth about being a filmmaker and a video creator is that you have to have a ton of connections, you need to move to LA, or you need to decide between making a living and quitting your dream of producing the work you know you're great at. 

  • You self-finance a project you know is great and launch to little or no audience.

  • You're a freelancer working simply to pay the bills and you're selling your time for money instead of your ideas.

  • You’ve done the festival circuit only to find out you just got paid in compliments and there were no buyers there to speak of anyway.

  • You're spending so much time on gig-work you don’t have time for your own projects and there’s no end in site.

  • You tried using social networks to promote your series/film to little or no effect.

  • You have this awesome project you know has legs but no buyers network to send it to​​​​.

Work with me and you'll:

  • Learn advanced business strategies, from a fire-hardened professional with 15 years of major studio experience.

  • Learn how to build a studio buyers network and attract sponsorship deals plus how to sell your content without an agent.

  • Learn advanced pitch techniques, learn how to overcome distributor's objections and the psychology behind why they buy.

  • Learn how to pre-build your audience before investing in costly production and how to build an engaged audience that watches your work.

  • Learn how to finally have financial control and predictability in what is currently an erratic and chaotic filmmaking career.

  • Get word-for-word techniques that get you through the door of hard to reach distributors and studios executives.

  • Get the same, step-by-step system I used to sell $12M worth of web series content in 4 years.

I've been creating successful web series' for large media studios and agencies for 15 years.


For the past 2 years, I've been putting together everything I've learned about raising money, building an industry network and growing huge audiences... and now my new superpower is taking all that experience and helping working filmmakers and video creators build six, even seven-figure businesses.


I'll help you make your web series the subscriber machine it should be. I've made it super simple for you to get results and limit the time between stuck and unstuck.

"My experience grows out of being one the first to the party in digital content. I've created and produced web series for Disney, YouTube Red, MSN and Go90 and Universal Studios. I recently sold one of my web series' to Sony Pictures, for Sam Raimi (Spiderman Trilogy/Oz: The Great and Powerful/Evil Dead) and Joshua Donen (House of Cards, Social Network). I've produced multiple web series’ for large brands like Starbucks, Toyota and Verizon. "